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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A nice cat on a lure

I caught this shovelhead today at 1pm. Yep right in the middle of a blazing 90 degree day. And the weird part was I lost another at least as big ten minutes later. Plus three decent sized smallmouth. So here's the scoop. They were all in like two or three feet of water. Two or three very fast feet of water in a sluice like four feet across and twenty feet long. . There was no way you could stand up in it as fast as it was going. My guess is the fast water had plenty of oxygen and food and the hot weather has their metabolism revved up. But who knows? It's all part of the mystery that keeps us going back. I tried most of the night a couple days ago to catch a shovelhead and couldn't catch one with dynamite then go out under a blazing mid day sun today and hook two. As Forrest Gump say's It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get...

Monday, August 25, 2014

The late shift...

It was late. I was going to have to hustle to get where I needed to be by dark. I quickly unloaded the yak and drug it to the waters edge. Threw in a couple rods, tackle and a bit of food and shoved off. It was now obvious I was too late but it was a quiet stretch of river I knew well so I set off upstream. It was beautiful watching night fall on the river. A nighthawk zoomed up and down the river picking insects out of the darkening sky. It was the first of several cool birds I'd see on this trip. Unfortunately like the others I saw it while paddling with the camera stowed away. Soon I was paddling in darkness, listening to the night sounds along the river. This is something I'm going to have to do more of, it was a great experience.
 The fishing at night was slow. Real slow. I was surprised after all the heat we have had. I managed one smallmouth and one stripey fish. I'd missed the river at night though and it was nice to be out there listening to the water and watching bats hunt against the sky.

Towards daylight though Things began to pick up. First I caught a channel and a couple saugeye on a grub. Then a few small bass,

As the sky brightened the smallmouth began to bite better. I caught most on a coyote hair jig in very fast water.

Once the sun was up things slowed again and I think the last bass hit about 9:30 even though I fished till 11. I slipped the yak back in the river and began to float downstream to the truck. The first cool bird I saw was a green heron. It flushed as soon as it spied me and flew away. Green heron's are brothers to fishermen. They drop tiny twigs or insects on the water's surface to lure in fish! I've never seen this only read about it but it's on my bucket list of wildlife behavior to see someday. The next bird was a real treat. Downstream I could see a cormorant. Yep the dinosaur looking fishing bird so hated by Lake Eire anglers. This guy swam ahead of the yak for a long time then turned and swam up within thirty feet or so giving me the best look I've ever had at one before spooking and splattering across the water in their clumsy take-off run. It was a great trip.