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Monday, December 31, 2018

Last Camp

Dec 29th, the last campfire of the year. A pretty swell way to end things for 2018

Mound City

Just a few of the two dozen Hopewell Indian Mounds enclosed by earthworks at Mound City, Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in Chillicothe Ohio. One of the few dedicated areas specifically for internment. Unlike other prehistoric cites found in the state, the mounds found here were almost exclusively part of a burial complex.
Unlike other earthworks, the Mound City burial complex, is surrounded by an embankment that is only 2.5' - 3' in height that encloses over 15 acres with 23 mounds of varying heights.

Gravel Roads

always lead to the best places...

Firetower Fail

I Thought "okay I'll get some cool photos from up there". Nope, you can see thru those skinny little steps. I've climbed lighthouses peered off skyscrapers and cliffs but I couldn't handle the firetower. Eight stories up was as far as I could make myself go. Shawnee Trails in SW Ohio


The two knives I carry into the deer woods most, Old Timer Sharpfinger and Gerber Freeman

Walking the creek again