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Saturday, March 28, 2020

a couple nice green fish

So yeah the river has stayed unfishable around here lately. It seems every time it's on the verge of being ready another line of heavy rains moves in. Like a junkie I had to get a fix so I headed to a pond hid in the back of one of Ohio's wildlife areas. What gorgeous weather, somewhere around eighty and feeling even warmer with the humidity hanging in the air from all the rain in the area. The pond was an oasis of quiet, protected from most by mud that sucked at the rubber boots on seemingly every step on the walk in. But it was worth it. The small pond was seemingly working alive with active fish making waves in the shallows. The only noise was bird noise and the distant honking of geese. Well, except for a family that wandered thru completely lost and covered in mud which I gave directions back to their car. I caught a quite a few fish on fishstick  wacky rigged but with no size to them. Still it was awesome to be outside and catching fish. Things changed size wise though when I changed to the Coomer lipless crankbait slow rolled just off the bottom. Less fish but a couple were really nice fish. What a swell spring day...