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Saturday, August 20, 2011

River mist



Sometimes the river is so lovely, the light falling softly on the water or the mist creating an air of mystery, that I forget why I'm there. The fishing lost in birdsong and the sound of the water in the riffle. Last night was one of those nights. Oh I caught fish, for a few minutes smallmouth came almost every cast, right at dark stacked up in an eddy below a fast run. But what I'll take away most from tonight was a basswood leaf looking like nothing more than a broken heart drowning in the water. And walking down to the water, the buck that walked out into the field and then jumped when he saw me, reminding me of how when you walk right up on someone and they turn and jump out of their skin when they see you. It's hard for even a buck to keep his dignity when frightened that badly.


I looked around at the last minute and couldn't find anything I wanted to take with me to eat so I stuffed a half empty bag of marshmallows in the pack and feasted, feeling like a little kid roasting them over a twig fire on the riverbank. A beautiful fog came with the night slowly covering the river in a soft blanket for the night.



I fished live bait on the big baitcaster. A small drum about the size of my hand, hoping for a big shovelhead. Sometime in the middle of the night a fish took it but then let it go. On the other rod I fished nightcrawlers and fared much better. A sauger, three drum, and two small catfish. And a big carp, not a giant, but big enough that his tail flopped over out of the landing net.





Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo exhibit !


I'm pretty excited about my photo exhibit at Porky Capones on West Main in Lebanon. If your in the area please check it out. I've also had enough people wanting to buy some photos that live out of town that Ive set up a website that features some of my better photos Ive taken on my adventures outside please check it out at

Trail camera photos...

Some trail cam photos from a camera trap set up just out of sight of the Little Miami River in Oregonia. Id put in some cheap batteries to test them out and when I came back they were already dead. I guess I'll have to spring for the everreadys next time. I did manage to get a few cool pics before the camera went dead...





Monday, August 1, 2011



Some scenes from Susan William's great talk she gave at Little Miami Inc's trail center in Loveland. Susan is the Education Program Director for Raptor Inc. If you haven't been to the trail center check it out, it's right on the trail in Nisbet Park in Loveland and there is always something cool like this going on every weekend.