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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The last few days in fish...

Haven't posted in a few days, a bit of catching up to do. One skunk trying to find clear water coming into a muddy river, one trip with Dan to a pond where we landed two or three of those ugly green fish apiece, One trip with Dan and Chris where everyone caught several small smallmouth, a few channels and Chris landed a saugfish. I caught a pretty big channel that had a hideous sore on it's side that was actually oozing blood, didn't wanna handle that one too much or take any pics of that guy and a 13" spotted bass and one trip with a couple more channels, a 17" smb, some little smb, and a very hard fighting shovel that hammered a three inch smoke metalflake grub in two feet of water. Other than that I haven't fished much in the last four or five days 


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