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Monday, January 29, 2018

The new book

So like three years ago I had a rough draft of a little fishing book called Knee Deep. It was pretty rough and full of bad grammer and maybe half of what I wanted. So, finally three years later I've finally got the thing the way I want it. Since only about forty percent of the original book survived edits, and rewrites, and just plain new ideas, I ended up renaming the thing Extreme Smallmouth Fishing. Which I think if you know much about me and how I live, eat, sleep, and dream smallmouth fishing you have to agree is a pretty good description of how I go about river fishing for smallmouth. It looks like the first printing of the book will be ready just in time for the Columbus Fishing Expo so I guess for me that will be the books big coming out party. Please look me up at the show I'll be in the Vic Coomer Lure booth all three days and will have the book for sale there. I'll also be giving a seminar each day on smallmouth fishing. Hope to see you all there!

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