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Monday, July 9, 2018

another swell day

Yesterday's fine fishing carried over into today even though the weather was much warmer. Today I was more in the mood to wander and hit four spots on the river for just a half hour or forty minutes each before hopping back in the truck and heading to the next one. One big advantage to that is about the time you are starting to roast you head back to the truck for something cold to drink before hitting the next place. I stuck in a couple photos of the kind of thing I'm looking to fish when it's this hot. One's from today and one pic is from last week but they both illustrate pretty well the kind of very fast, shallow water I'm looking for when it's hot. In both these pics I'd wade across river just below each and make short accurate casts to each little pocket I come to or into the boil right below where the river pours over the top. Most strikes are the instant the lure lands or just a half second later. If you wade up from below and make a longer cast up to each spot then most of your cast is worthless. I want a short 15 or 20 foot cast or even better be able to wade close and pitch underhanded. Just be ready to get bit as soon as the lure hits. I'm most comfortable pitching a grub in this situation but I imagine a swimbait would work just as well. Notice that although they are very fast pieces of water they are not long 25 or 50 yard riffles but short and waist deep water is just a few feet away. For me these short very fast sections of river are worth more than miles of fishy looking normal water when the heat is on...

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